We are Wholesale Online Nursery and landscaping supplies with wholesale prices offering a range of popular landscaping plants. We are a specialist in hedges and are most competitive with Buxus Microphilla Japonica, Buxus Korean, Buxus English, Murraya Paniculata, Gardenia and more.

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196 Edmondson Avenue

Austral NSW 2197


Please call     Gregory on 0417 671 475



We cost effectively propagate plants

We propagate plants from cuttings and seeds. Cost effective propagation is dependent on knowledge and experience with methods used to ensure high survival rate of each propagated batch. Our principal propagator has over 40 years experience propagating many species of plants. Within the last 18 years we have established processes to propagate a selection of ornamental plants used by most landscapers in all common landscaping job.

We supply to Landscapers

The range of plants we carry for landscapers are the most used in landscaping jobs. Providing them at a very affordable prices we hope to help our landscapers be price competitive. 

Our landscaping stock is more affordable as we do the propagating our-self to keep costs down. Our stock for sale to landscapers is limited though as we use large proportion of our mature plants for cuttings stock. We do however plant sufficient quantities to satisfy demand from our landscapers. For prices and stock please call Gregory on 0417 671 475.

We support the community

We have supported a primary school in Riverwood and others fund raising raffle, by providing $120 worth of plants as one of the prizes for the winning raffle tickets. We are happy to support similar activities for primary and high schools as well as RSLs and other community organisations. We have also given work experience to University of NSW students and are happy to do the same for high school students. For more information relating to our community support activities please call Gregory on 0417 671 475.